Drawing your Attention to Drawing your Attention

Great post by Aaron Diaz on Focal Points.

[via several people, including Kate Beaton, but I think the first was an email from Spencer Greenwood]

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  1. Ed says:

    Interesting article, thanks for sharing! My favorite line:

    “If we were shooting lasers out of our eyes, they would start at the man, ricochet off the wall and hit the woman.”

    The mark of a good teacher is making good examples we can all relate to.

    • Scott says:

      I get your meaning, but I laughed a bit at the idea of shooting lasers out of our eyes as “relatable.” (Clark Kent totally got this article!)

  2. This reminds me a great deal of a concept learned during my training in graphic design known as hierarchy.

    There are a great number of ways to direct the attention of they eye using such things as compostion, the tendency of the eye to follow dark shapes against a light background or vice-versa; a bigger thing will trump a smaller thing visually; a complicated thing will grab your attention from a less complicated thing because of visual interest, etc, etc.

    It was compelling to see these things placed in a comic-storytelling context though. Nice article.

  3. eschmenk says:

    Mr. Diaz may have reorganized his blog. Currently, the URL for that post is:
    If that’s too long: http://tumblr.com/xquds19vs