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Recent interview by Scot Hanson, boxed up and linked à la my old trails webcomics. Scot asked good questions, so I did my best to give him good answers—or will (it’s dated November 2009 at the top). 

Also online this week is an old interview from the family’s visit to University of Virginia during the 50 State Tour in 2007. Go here to download Issue #3 of  the student-run Pulse Comic Zine for my interview.

Hey, great discussion on yesterday’s post, Everybody. Thanks!

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  1. Paul says:

    This is a really interesting thread given that I (along with a talented illustrator) have managed to produce a comic book University textbook (Biological Psychology: An Illustrated Survival guide – link above).

    This has serious coverage of the material and is not in any way ‘dumbed down’. However, we approached several publishers with the idea before one said ‘yes’. The problem seemed to be about the amount of material that could be covered in it as well as the image of comics. There was also problems promoting the book for fear of the local press suggesting that we had to do it in comics so that could understand it!

    Reviews from academics in the field are really happy with it and are also ‘amazed’ that the material can be made so palatable without compromising the detail. It seems here (the UK) there is still a great deal of general prejudice about comics and that they can (still) only be aimed at children.

    The book is also being translated in China and they seem much more accepting of comics. The publishers over there are really going over the top with it.

    Anyway, sorry to rant on, I just think non-fiction in comics particularly as ‘instructional’ material is sadly underused and yet the medium lends itself so well to this.


    ps: the students that are using this book are giving great feedback
    pps: have you come across Jay Hosler’s comics on Evolution? – ‘The Sandwalk Adventures’ and ‘Optical Allusioan’ are great.

  2. Matthew Marcus says:

    Hey Scott,

    Doing the interview with you was the coolest thing I got to do in Pulse Comics, so thanks again! Sorry about issue 3 being a hard copy scan, but our original files were sadly lost.

    Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the issue. Also, be sure to check out our Art Spiegelman interview in issue #1.

    Thanks for the shout out Scott. We’re big fans.


  3. enrique says:

    salutes from a fan from mexico. im halfway through zot now, where can i find the colored chapters?