Hey, it’s Brad!

We finally saw the “Mattress” episode of Glee on TiVo last night and Ivy and I were happy to see the silent pianist “Brad” get more face time.

Brad Ellis is actually part of the musical production team for the show, but I remember him from my own High School back in Lexington, MA, and before that, in Sunday School, where he had a habit of bopping me on the head with Hymnals while Bill McKibben and I argued politics.

Lexington… I’m telling you…

Anyway, someone should make a Glee T-Shirt with the face above and the slogan “It’s All About Brad!” It would totally sell. (Well, to us at least).

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Eydie Alyson (Ellis) and Brad Ellis ( who?) says:

    Eydie browses for “Brad Ellis” and “Glee,” mostly to find and enjoy delightfully inaccurate things that blog up the interweb, only to tumble upon my dear childhood friend (and alleged victim of my variation on bible-thumping, though I’ve blocked the memory, presumably due to shame) who, I swear, used to spell his name McLeod, and, at another point, Pschought. I want you to know that I’m available for silent appearances in any further adventures of Zot. You realize, I assume, that the 2nd reason, after musical convenience, for my appearances in Glee, is to show up for the under-represented demographic of people who are NOT insanely beautiful.
    As for “It’s All About Brad,” It reminds me of one of my favorite lines from Shakespeare In Love: “It’s about this nurse…”
    P.S. I remember a line from your limerick (in collaboration with Kurt): “Ib obeo neep tugnug frap druspit” — ring a bell?

    • Scott says:

      Ooh! I love the idea of putting Silent-Brad into a Zot comic someday. Must do that. 🙂

      Great to hear from you again! And yes, it was and is “McLeod” but no one can pronounce that below the 49th parallel so I just spelled it phonetically for the books. “Pschought” must’ve been really short-lived. Haven’t thought about that for decades. Wow.

      Don’t remember the nonsense limerick words, though I do remember the poem’s existence. Kurt might. Or Brian Dewan. Hm. Did we all go into the arts? What are the odds?

      Anyway, thanks for checking in! Say Hi to Eydie for us and keep having fun at that piano and behind the scenes. That’s a very cool gig. ^__^

    • Kurt Busiek says:

      I think the final line of the limerick was “Ig oboy vorg Sholly van Droodspit,” or something like that.

      But I may be mixing it up, because I’m remembering the central bit as:

      “Ig obo hey noyprif
      Vax gightnob mib oyprif”

      So I’m clearly duplicating somewhere. I also thought that one was all Scott. But we did collaborate on the creation of “Ono and Nopo’s Game of Chance.”

      Hi, Brad! Say hi to Evanier next time you see him…


      • Scott says:

        “Ig obo hey noyprif
        Vax gightnob mib oyprif”

        Whoa. I think that’s right. Sounds very familiar.

        • Kurt Busiek says:

          And now I remember that the last line was:

          “Ig ibneve vorg Yolly van Droodspit.”

          Or maybe not “Yolly.” But the “Ig ibneve” and the “Droodspit” are correct.


  2. Bruce says:

    Lexington?? Sunday School? Which one?
    What a world.

    • Scott says:

      Hancock Church, right by Lexington Green near The Minute Man. Loved those Bell choruses!

      Ivy and I had our East Coast wedding there (and on the West Coast at Ivy’s home with a Rabbi).