Al Williamson, 1931-2010

I was waiting to mention this, because I knew that Tom Spurgeon would have the best write-up on the late master and he does.

Only met the man a few times. We travelled in different circles. But he seemed kind and charming and his talent was self-evident.

Combined with the recent passing of Frazetta, expect the phrase “end of an era” to come up a lot—and not without justification.


In other news, just a quick note for those of you who were intrigued by my write-up of the Legendary Brian Dewan and his filmstrips a while back, to let you know that Brian will be performing at Los Angeles’ equally legendary Museum of Jurassic Technology on June 25 and 26 in their teeny tiny theater.

Tickets on sale here.


  1. John MacLeod says:

    Oh man, sad news! I have it marked on my calendar for the day that Secret Agent Corrigan Vol 1 is coming out. Al W has been on my mind for months as I’ve been eagerly awaiting this chance to see a really nice collection of his work…