Flight 7 Preview

Via Kazu’s blog comes word that the Flight 7 preview is up. And—no surprise—it looks gorgeous.

Volume 7 will be the last penultimate(?) Flight (at least in its current incarnation). Volume 1 came out in July of 2004, only six years ago, so I might be overreaching to tag this with “Comics History,” but it feels that way to me.

One of my favorite memories of Comic-Con 2004 was when the boxes of Volume 1 arrived at the Flight booth and I ran over from our funky, inflatable furniture-filled booth nearby, in time to see them opening the first one with a box cutter.

I asked if I could buy the first copy. Someone (probably Kazu himself) offered to give me a copy since I’d written an afterword, but I said Hell No, I wanted to buy the thing and insisted on giving them a twenty.

Nobody cares who gets the first “comp copy.” I wanted to be Flight’s first paying customer, and so I was.

A small moment in comics history, maybe, but one I’ll always remember fondly.

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  1. Katie G says:

    Mmmmm I always eagerly anticipate new volumes of Flight and this will be no exception 🙂 Thanks for spreading the news!

  2. […] posted a preview of Flight, Vol. 7, the penultimate edition of the six-year-old anthology series. (Or is it now the final one?) The book, which features contributions by such artists as Michel Gagné, Kostas Kiriakakis, Dave […]

  3. Saga of Rex! I fell in love with those.

  4. thirtyseven says:

    Really looking forward to this one!
    Thanks to your writing about Flight Volume 1 I was one of the first people in Germany to order a copy of this wonderfull book (followed by the other books over the years) – and I converted the dealer of my local comic shop into a reader, too. Great stuff!

  5. Sabrina says:

    Oh, I love the Flight comics! I hope there will be more anthologies like that in the future. <3

  6. Pat Race says:

    Kazu told me that story, I think it’s great that you were so supportive, I wish I’d been around to see the beginning. Comics history for sure!