Friday Odds and Ends

Not comics, but everybody keeps sending me I am Sitting in a Video Room (be sure to watch the other 999!) and this recent news piece on “the writer who couldn’t read” on the assumption that I’d find them interesting—which I did, so here they are.

Via Spurge, his annual Comic-Con Survival Guide and an awesome Jack Kirby Quote.

Finally, here are some nice immersive comics pages from concept artist Justin coro Kaufman.

So, yeah… truly random, but there you go. Go back to playing Angry Birds and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Matthew Marcus says:

    I like that the guy kinda tripped over his words at one point, but still decided to use that take. Reminds me that mistakes are one of the ‘human qualities’ he’s talking about erasing.

    And speaking of things people assume you’ll find interesting…

    I assume you’ll find this interesting: