The Day in Review

Two more 24-Hour Comics Day links to consider, now that this year’s event is in the rear-view mirror.

Sean Michael Robinson offers a thoughtful look at the phenomenon, his own experience in Seattle, and improvisation in comics here.

Pay special attention to the paragraph on our daily impediments to focus and see if you can’t relate. “Iron swimsuit” indeed…

Meanwhile, the video (from 2008) in this blog entry about 24-Hour Comics Day in Amsterdam, just made me smile from ear to ear.

You don’t need to know Dutch to recognize the language of creativity, camaraderie, and comics. Wish I could have been there.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Alberto says:

    Every time I read about 24HCs I get cravings. I should do one of them again, sometime.

  2. I always get too ambitious and end up realizing, usually around 2am, that I’ve created a 24 day comic.

  3. Tanya says:

    I’ve done the event 2 years in a row now. Enjoyed it both times. (Still wondering where a page disappeared to around 4am in 2009). And I’ve managed to avoid breaking the fourth wall in my two 24 hour comics. I notice a ton of 24 hour comics at some point have one of the characters or the narration mention the fact it’s a 24 hour comic. Hmm, does mentioning it in the title page count against this?

    It’s a great event… This year, a girl sitting near me, at about the 13 hour mark, got up, threw down her wacom stylus, announced that she had lost all ability to draw hands in any meaningful way, and ran off to the bathroom. 20 minutes later she emerged wiping her eyes and sniffling, sat back down and finished her comic. 🙂

    And then there is always the guy who caffeine loads at the beginning of the event, and is usually found dead asleep somewhere in a corner by the 8 hour mark.

    Good Times…

  4. Jef says:

    There wasn’t an official one in Belgium this year.
    So a good friend of mine Serge hosted one in his home. Unfortunally we were a little to late to make it official.
    We started with 10 people and only 2 of us finished it (Me & Serge) We checked the progress of the people in Lambiek every hour.
    Next year we’re going official, it was so much fun!

    You can check us out here there are some video’s and lots of pictures!

    (This is my final result http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=29283&id=100000404973612 )