Merlin Goes Android

The premiere mad scientist of webcomics Daniel Merlin Goodbrey has released a new comic for the Android Market called Jack’s Abstraction.

I’m in the iOS walled garden for now, so I can’t comment much beyond that, but if you’ve got an Android device, I’m sure it’ll be worth it (and hey, it’s free).

And for those of you who do read comics on Android devices, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the market’s potential.

Oh! And sort of on topic: It occurs to me that though I tweeted it while in Norway at EuroVis, I don’t think I linked from the blog to Google’s latest comics adventure, a fun little explanation of Google Correlate.

Discussion (3)¬

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  2. Eric Honaker says:

    I have used ACV to view .cbr comic archives, and it works pretty well. It’s easy to scroll horizontally on the touch screen on my phone, and my tablet is an awesome size for reading.

    I have also used the Comixology and Graphic.ly apps with their by-panel viewing. That’s VERY convenient. The Comixology app works much better that Graphic.ly, which has data corruption issues both in streaming and downloading, and sometimes force closes.

    • Laroquod says:

      It seems Jack’s Abstraction is a ‘hypercomic’ which I presume means it’s interactive in some way, so I doubt any of the above about reading CBZs, etc, applies in this case.