That’d be 63 Years in Internet Time.

The Webcomic Overlook takes a look back at a 9-year-old list I wrote of 10 suggestions for beginning webcartoonists. Won’t quibble with the article’s conclusions (whether I agree or not, they’re reasonable points) but it’s a brief, funny look back at a very different time — literally the Web’s first decade (post-Mosaic).

[via Journalista]

In other news: OMG, even his bees are winning awards now.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. “#5 – Learn GEOMETRY”

    While I agree with a lot of your points this one seems to contradict your argument against the Kindle; namely, that media is wider than it is tall!

    • Just to be clear, I would never hold you to an opinion you stated nine years ago. Just thought that was funny.

    • Scott says:

      Actually, I thought it was exactly the same point.

      • In the comic you say the default shape of print is vertical, while in your kindle argument you say the default shape of print is two pages side-by-side. Am I misinterpreting the comic?

        • Scott says:

          Nope. In the comic, I said the “page” (i.e., printed page) is vertical.

          The whole “side-by-side” “default shape” argument came up years later, but it was in service of the exact same point: that the upright rectangle was just an artifact of blind habit, not some inherently natural shape for comics.